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~ Tuesday, October 15 ~
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~ Monday, July 25 ~
"If one person can show so much hatred, then imagine the love we can all show together."
- Norwegian Prime Minister quotes member of the AUF. 

"If one person can show so much hatred, then imagine the love we can all show together."

- Norwegian Prime Minister quotes member of the AUF. 

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~ Sunday, July 24 ~

Heart goes out to Norway

We’d like to give our sympathies and heartfelt condolences to the people of Norway, even more so the loved ones of the victims of the Oslo/Utoya massacre

It has been confirmed that 92 youths between the ages of 13 to 20 were found dead on the island of Utoya outside Oslo, may they all rest in peace.

And may the evil bastard who was behind all this be put away for life. There are no words for this dreadful event…Really…

Don’t know what this is about? 

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~ Saturday, September 4 ~

Submission from readers [2]

Towns vs Districts vs Countries

I would like to know what the general Swede tend to think of each other, such as how the people from Stockholm thinks of the people from Gothenburg, north vs south and also what they think of their neighbouring countries. ty


Hello luckysaloon, 

As for what stockholmers and gothenburgers…[??]- think about each other, I can’t really answer that since I don’t and never have, lived in one of those places. I can, however, offer you the general view on people that live furthest down South which are referred to as “skåningar" [skaw-ning-ar] …because they live in the region known as Skåne. 

This is to be read rather loosely and with a pinch of salt, note that this isn’t factual, only opinion-based, don’t be offended if you disagree, submit your own opinion at the bottom of the post!;
From personal experience and stories from people I know, skåningar aren’t very liked up in Stockholm, for instance. One of the reasons is because skåningar speak with a very defined and clear southern accent which the stockholmers find us “stupid” and “farmer-like” for using. Also, Skåne used to belong to Denmark hundreds of years ago, [which to me, doesn’t really make sense in a way, since Skåne is connected to Sweden….] so the younger generation of Swedes have started an internet campaign called “Dig up Skåne”, just an innocent joke…I hope..

As for the opinion on stockholmers by people living down south; 
Skåningar like to refer to stockholmers as “08:or” [noll  aw-ttor], the dialing code for Stockholm. Skåningar find stockholmers rather pompous and snobbish because the stockholmers in turn, look down on skåningar. Also, the neutral accent in Sweden is known as "Rikssvenska", an accent not very commonly found down south. The stockholmers, however, believe that they speak it every day and the general opinion in the south is that, well…they don’t- and therefore sound stupid for speaking and claiming such a thing.

Back to the general Swedish opinion, before things get ugly between north and south;

  • Finland; It’s a commonly known fact that Finnish people hate the guts of the Swedes. The reason? I’m not 100% sure but here goes; Once upon a time, Finland did belong to Sweden and….the Finnish didn’t like it. Now, Finland is of course, independent BUT- it’s still compulsory for them to learn Swedish at school, which they really really really hate. While Swedish people don’t really have anything against the Finnish people, well maybe just the adorable Finnish-Swedish accent they have, the Finnish definitely cannot stand the Swedes.
  • Norway and Denmark; Swedes are often mocked by Norwegians, vice versa. Though the relationship is still pretty neutral, I’d suppose. There is of course a lot of prejudice and mockery between the Scandinavian countries but hey, you can’t have it all. You know those “a priest, a rabbi and etc.etc, walk into a bar”-jokes? Well, we have them about the Danes and the Norwegians. Both nations appearing more stupid than the next, and they in turn, of course, have the same kind of jokes about Swedish people. Swedish people are a bit against the Danish though, because their language sounds a little muffled and messy- which is probably also why they cannot stand Skåningar, skånska is loosely; swedish merged with a danish accent…ish. 

I would go on, but I’m pretty sure this post would never end if I did. I’m having a hard time telling this apart from that. 
So now it’s up to you readers out there, care to add anything to what I just wrote? Completely disagree with the general opinion we’ve laid forth? No worries, just answer below, what you think would best answer luckysaloon’s question and inquiries.

What do you think?

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